What I need to know about the department?

The history of the department dates from 1988 year. Founded by Professor Oleksandr Shutko, our department became the first department in Ukraine aimed at training specialists in the field of environmental protection.
Since its inception and to our days, the department operates as a division of the Chemical Engineering Faculty of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, which is the largest supplier of highly qualified technical personnel in the labor market of Ukraine.


At 2020 year, our department has 25 scientific and pedagogical staff, including 3 doctors and 22 candidates of technical sciences, who teach more than 500 full-time and part-time students. Leading teachers of the department are leaders of research projects and developments, in which students are actively involved. The best students of the department receive personal scholarships from the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The department has opened a postgraduate course in "Ecology", where 15 PHD dissertations have been defended during the last 5 years. Future specialists actually receive chemical, engineering and biological education.

During its existence, the department has trained more than 750 specialists in the field of water treatment, water and gas purification, waste disposal, production of pulp, paper and cardboard. Each of which is currently an indispensable specialist in their field.

  • Radovenchyk I.

    The department trains highly qualified specialists who have a reputation among employers.

    Радовенчик Я.В.
  • Deikyn I.

    The future lies in the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies of vegetable raw materials processing.

  • Glyshko O.

    After graduation, students have the opportunity to join the scientific school of the department

  • Nosacheva J.

    Our diploma opens unlimited employment opportunities.











Why our department?

abituraThe ecological condition of the environment is deteriorating every year. Ukraine, which, in addition to all the troubles, also has the consequences of Chernobyl, suffers especially from environmental problems, for the solution of which there is traditionally a lack not only of funds, but also of qualified specialists. The system of ecological education in our country began to take shape only 25 years ago and our department in 1988 was the first, and therefore currently the most experienced, in this field in Ukraine. The peculiarity of the department is that it includes a group of scientists - microbiologists, as well as a department of highly qualified chemists - analysts who teach students modern methods of controlling the levels of environmental pollution.

Today, all global problems are related to the environment. Solving these problems is a priority.abitura
Therefore, the need for highly qualified environmentalists will continue to grow. Studying ecology is very interesting and multifaceted. In the process of learning, students master a large number of specialized disciplines, which allows them to get acquainted with all environmental, technological, economic and social aspects of environmental protection. This provides quality training and a wide choice of future jobs. After graduation, students are able to professionally conduct qualitative and quantitative analyzes of environmental components, are well versed in environmental expertise, environmental monitoring, management and audit. Students majoring in Ecology are specialists in the development and implementation of technologies for water purification and water treatment, utilization and recovery of waste of various types, methods of gas emissions treatment; have skills in working with modern information systems; have knowledge of the use of design and use of alternative energy sources. The department trains highly qualified specialists who enjoy a reputation among employers. Our graduates work at the largest enterprises engaged in the development of water treatment equipment (ECOSOFT, BWT, Envitek, etc.); became specialists in state authorities and environmental inspections (Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, State Ecological Inspectorate of Ukraine). For those who want to engage in scientific activities, the door is always open in the best research institutes of our country (Institute of Sorption and Endoecology, Institute of Environmental Geochemistry, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry and many others).

  • Zelenyk O.

    The student years were very active, due to the opportunities for self-realization in the "Polytec".

    Олександр Зеленюк
  • Vesnina J.

    I consider the greatest value that the knowledge received by me is applied.

    Весніна Юлія
  • Zaika D.

    I have never regretted that I chose our department

    Заіка Дмитро
  • Ignatyk D.

    I am very grateful to the department for it contribution to my future.

    Ігнатюк Дарина











What specialties can I choose?

Our department study specialists with a wide range of ecological and chemical knowledge in two specialties: "Ecology" and "Chemical Technologies and Engineering".

Chemical Technologies and Engineering

The specialty includes an educational program abitura
Industrial ecology and resource efficient cleaner technologies

This specialty was founded at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1898, and the department is the only one in Ukraine that trains specialists in the field of integrated use of wood, production and processing of pulp, wood pulp, paper and cardboard. It is also planned to train specialists in the production of wood - fiber boards and plastics.

Students study the chemistry and technology of production and processing of the most common and available natural polymers, which are constantly renewed in nature on a large scale and attract the attention of researchers and technologists. Pulp and paper production is quite complex and interesting. It includes many processes of general chemical technology, organic and inorganic synthesis, electrochemical, biological and other industries. By chemical modification of cellulose and the use of chemical auxiliaries, paper with various valuable properties is obtained: non-flammable, waterproof, moisture-resistant, bactericidal, etc.
All this requires from specialists in this specialty comprehensive, high-quality chemical and engineering training. Therefore, the department has developed and implemented a range of disciplines - chemistry of wood and macromolecular compounds, technology of wood pulp production and integrated use of wood, pulp production technology, basics of enterprise design, certification of products, production and processing of paper and cardboard, production economics, basics of management and marketing.
Students accumulate production skills during the internship at the best enterprises in the industry and in research institutes. The department has its branch in the Ukrainian Research Institute of Paper. After graduation, the specialists will work at 28 pulp and paper enterprises of Ukraine, enterprises of the holding company "Ukrpapirprom" and other related companies and institutions, specialized research and design institutes. To continue research and advanced training at the department opened a graduate school of the specialty.


The specialty includes an educational program "Environmental safety "abitura
At present, the greening of industry is one of the key activities of large Ukrainian and foreign companies, which, in turn, causes a high demand for qualified professionals in this field. The emergence of the specialty "Ecology" under the auspices of the our department is aimed at satisfying this demand.
The specialty "Ecology" is aimed at training a wide range of professionals who have a creative approach to solving a variety of problems in the field of environmental protection and beyond. Each of the graduates of the department is fluent in such areas of knowledge as organic and inorganic chemistry, hydrology, climatology, mathematical modeling and forecasting, biology and microbiology, analytical chemistry and instrumental methods of environmental monitoring and much more.

Today, our graduates are already working in many sectors of the economy. This is an extensive system of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which has its own district, regional and central authorities, and municipal enterprises, which provide the population with drinking water, and industry and academic research institutes, and industrial enterprises, each of which has a department of environmental protection.

How to join?

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