Department of Ecology and Plant Polymers Technology has a complex of material and technical means, which makes it possible to organize high-quality and effective training of students and post-graduate students. Our Department has 8 educational rooms with a total area of ​​809.2 square meters, including:

  • 5 educational laboratories with a total area of ​​726.3 sq.m.
  • computer class equipped with 10 workstations (Intel Pentium 2.4 GHz)
  • methodological class
  • coursework and diploma room

Modern laboratory and industrial equipment is used in the styding process:

  • programmable spectrophotometer ULAB 108UV
  • multi-parameter portable photometer PTBH 750, Palintest
  • portable ORPTester (Eutech, USA)
  • spectrophotometer DR 1900-01H (Hach)
  • ionometer И-160 МИ
  • 3-band conductometer ECTEST 11PLS (Eutech, USA)
  • voltammetric heavy metal analyzer «ТЕСТ-ВА»
  • muffle oven L 5/11/B410
  • analytical weights of various models
  • portable turbidity meter TN 100 (Eutech, USA)
  • pH-meter pH Testr 30 (Eutech, USA)

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