Scientific school of our Department. Natural water purification and wastewater treatment

(Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Water Resources)


Head of the school: Head of the department, Dr. Sci. (Engin.), Professor Mykola Gomelya


Scientific school of our department was founded in the 80s of the last century by professor Shutko O. From 1997, further research was conducted under the guidance of associate professor Gomelya M. In 1993, on the initiative of scientists of the department, the first Academic Council in Ukraine was organized to award the degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences (D 1.02.01) in the specialties of pulp and paper technology and industrial ecology. The first chairman of the Academic Council - prof. Shutko O., scientific secretary of the Council - Srybniu L. In 1986, the staff of the research laboratory of industrial ecology actively worked in the field of liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. Within three weeks, a sufficient number of special reagents were created and tested, technology and a special mobile installation for water purification from radioactive contamination were created and were used in a 30-kilometer zone in Chernobyl.


The department has close scientific relations with the Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill, where the majority of developments in the field of wood and vegetable processing are implemented. Similar connections exist with the Kyiv factory RIAP, where most scientific developments in the field of environmental protection are being tested. Close cooperation has been established between the different departments of the university. Within the work with the innovative environment project Kyiv Polytechnic Science Park is implementing a corporate project "Creation of low-waste technology for conditioning mineralized and mine waters" with a total cost of UAH 312 000.


The basis of international relations in the field of scientific and educational work was established in 2001-2003 by cooperation with the International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund (Sweden) and, since 2007, the Department of Sustainable Development of Society and Technology of the University of Melardalen, Vasteras (Sweden). Over the past 10 years, the staff of the department has published more than 32 monographs, manuals and textbooks, published more than 450 scientific articles (54 of them are included in the scientometric databases Web of Science and Scopus), received more than 74 patents of Ukraine, prepared more 287 reports at scientific conferences, 2 doctoral and 6 PhD dissertations were defended. More than 10 student research projects have been awarded at different competitions at the international, national and university levels.


Today the scientific reserve of the department is 1 doctoral student and 8 postgraduate students.