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Admission Information for Master's Degree and Specialist (2016)

Reception of documents (submission of applications) for master's degree and specialist level on the  specialization "Environmental Safety" and specialization "Chemical Processing of Wood and Plant Raw Materials" will be held on the following dates:
- the first time (internal bachelors) serving documents from 24.05.2016 to 27.05.2016 (application, 4 photos 3x4, a copy of the theses, applications for patents, patents, folder with 5 files, a copy of an identification number, a copy of privileged documents, two envelopes with stamps)
- second time (external bachelors) documents are submitted from 04.07.2016 to 08.07.2016 and from 21.07.2016 to 29.07.2016.

Integral ratings are made public before the 09.08.2016.
Ranking list of applicants, indicating recommended for enrollment in the state order will be made public not later than 12.08.2016.
Order for admission under the state order will be made public before 17.08.2016.

Information on entrance exams

The list of related specialties, received training on the educational-qualification level of a specialist and master's degree of other departments and universities which do not pass a supplementary examination in the specialty

Entrance examinations for educational specialist levels and master’s degree