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Radovenchyk  Iaroslav
Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

A graduate of the Department of Ecology and Plant Polymers Technology of NTUU «KPI». In 2011, graduated from post-graduate education in NTUU "KPI". In 2014 he defended his thesis for the degree of Ph.D., specialty " Environmental Safety". He reads courses: "Hydrology", "Hydrometry Basics", " Meteorology and Climatology", "Ecology", " Information Technologies". leads laboratory and practical classes on subjects: " Economics of Ecosystem Exploitation", " Environmental Modelling and Forecasting", "Wastes Utilization and Recuperation". Scientific interests - methods of wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering processes, the use of capillary material in water purification and water treatment processes. He is an author of 40 scholarly works and 7 patents.




Discipline "Hydrology" is intended for bachelors in direction 6.040106 " Ecology and Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources". Academic discipline belongs to the cycle of mathematical and  natural-scientific training. The subject of the course - the processes occurring in the planet's hydrosphere; physical and chemical processes that take place in rivers, lakes, glaciers, seas and oceans; water cycle in the planet; human impact on water features. The purpose of this course is to develop the complex knowledge, skills of the key aspects of the structure of the hydrosphere and processes that take place in it.

Interdisciplinary connections: the discipline "Hydrology" preceding subjects such as "General Ecology", "Geology with bases of geomorphology". Discipline "Hydrology" provides a discipline "Landscape Ecology", "Technoecology and Technogenic Safety", "Physical and Chemical  Fundamentals of  Water Purification", "Environmental Monitoring".