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Oleksandr Petrovych Khokhotva

Graduat of the Department of technologies of pulp and paper production and industrial ecology NTUU "KPI" (1997). Since 2000 - assistant, and since 2005 - senior lecturer at the Department of ecology and of plant polymers technology. MSc student at Lund University (Sweden) in "Environmental management and policy" (2003-2004). PhD (since 2005). Associate professor at the Department ecology and technology of plant polymers (2007-2014). Post-doc guest researcher at Mälardalen University (Sweden) (2007-2009). Since 2014 - doctoral student. Author of over 50 publications, including 1 monograph in English, 5 guidance and 2 patents. He lectures on the following courses: "Environmental Management and Auditing," "Analytical Chemistry", "Ecology". Supervisor of courseworks and Master's theses of students of the department.





The subject "Environmental Management and Audit" is dedicated for Specialist and Master students in 6.040106 - Ecology, Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management for speciality 7.04010601 (8.04010601) Ecology and Environmental Protection. Academic discipline belongs to the block of professional and practical training. Environmental management is part of the overall management system that includes organizational structure, activities for planning, responsibility, practical work, procedures, processes and resources for development, implementation, achieving goals, progress assessment in the implementation of environmental policy. The purpose of environmental management is to minimize the negative impact of economic activity on the environment, a high level of environmental security at various stages of the production and consumption of goods and services. Environmental Management and Audit is closely linked to Environmental Economics, Ecological Expertise, Normalization of Anthropogenic Impact On The Environment.

Semester 1, 3 credits/108 academic hours
Distribution of study time: 27 hours of lectures/9 hours of workshops (seminars)/72 hours of self-study.