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Pulp and Paper Industry workers profesional day!!!
Congratulations to the "Poninkivka Cardboard and Paper Mill"!


We  congratulate assistant of the Department of Ecology and technology Of Plant Polymers Ostapenko Alina with successful pregraduation of PhD degree!


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Department of Ecology and technology Of Plant Polymers NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” prepares specialists with wide range of ecological and chemistry knowledge by two specialties: “Ecology" and  “Chemical  technologies and engineering”.

Specialty “Ecology”
Specialty includes two specializations:
1. Environmental Management
2. Ecological Safety
Ecological wellbeing dramatically falls yearly. Ukraine also has loads of environmental problems, which even became more dangerous in context of Chornobyl Catastrophe impact. Traditionally, it is lack of money and well-trained qualified specialists to cope with this demand. The system of ecological education in our country had being founded only 25 years ago. And in 1988 our department was the first in this field in Ukraine.

Department exclusiveness consists of that fact, that it includes the group of scientists in microbiology and department of Analytic Chemistry. The excellent-qualified specialists from latter one taught students modern methods of controlling environment pollution levels. During the studying processes students obtain fundamental knowledge in such specific disciplines as: Environmental Management, Environmental Assessment, Environmental Audit, Mathematical Modeling in Environmental Protection, Environmental Monitoring, Biology, Hydrology and Geology, General Ecology, Environmental Economics, Radioecology, Natural and Waste Water Analysis, Water Treatment Technology, Design of Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment Systems, Recycling and Recuperation of Solid Waste, etc.

Nowadays, our department alumni work in wide spectrum of economy sectors. This includes all branches in such institutions as The Ministry of Environmental Protection with its departments on different state levels; The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Service – who is in charge for water supply and treatment. Also specific and academic science institutions, industrial corporations are willing to hire our alumni for their Environment Protection Departments and production. Annual, about 15-20% of our former students continue their education by PhD studies both in our university and other scientific institutions.


Specialty “Chemical  technologies and engineering”

Specialty include specialization:

"Chemical processing of wood and plant materials"

Mentioned specialty was founded in 1898 at KPI. Nowadays our department is the unique in the Ukraine which prepares specialists for complex use of wood sector; cellulose, wool pulp, paper and paperboard processing and production. The specialization in plywood and plastics is planned to be opened in the nearest future. While studying, students have possibility to learn both general and engineering disciplines, chemistry and technology of most wild spread nature polymers production. The latter ones constantly restore itself in nature and became from day to day interesting for scientists and technologists.

Pulp-paper production is complicated and interesting in the same time. It includes loads general chemistry technology processes, organic and inorganic synthesis, electrochemical, biology and other productions. The paper with different important properties (non-flammable, water proof, moisture resistant, antibacterial, etc.) may be manufactured by chemical modification of cellulose and usage of additional agents. All mentioned above requires from professionals of this specialty comprehensive chemical and engineering preparation. That is why the complex of following disciplines was developed and implemented by our department: chemistry of wood and macromolecular compounds, wood pulp manufacturing technology and integrated use of wood pulp production technology, technology of cellulose production, basics of buildings design, field products certification, economics of production, management and marketing basics. Students have an opportunity to obtain the manufacturing skills during the practice in the best field companies and scientific institutions. The department has its section in the Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Paper.

About 28 cellulose-paper production companies of Ukraine, manufactures of “Ukraine Paper Prom” holding, scientific institutions and project organizations are willing to employ our alumni. For continuing scientific explorations and for professional development the PhD course was opened at our department.

The PhD course in specialty “Environmental safety” was opened at our department, where the 15 PhD theses were defended during the last 5 years. Further specialists “de facto” obtain chemical, engineering and biological education. Students have an opportunity to consolidate their theoretical knowledge gained during the study processes by general – technological and final practice in the scientific institutions and companies of the field:

1) A.V. Dumansky Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry of NAN of Ukraine;
2) F.D. Ovcharenko Institute of Biocolloidal Chemistry of NAN of Ukraine;
3) O.O. Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAN of Ukraine;
4) V.I. Vernadsky Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of NAN of Ukraine;
5) Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill;
6) State Environmental Inspectorate;
7) other enterprises.

The preparation of specialist is available on state and private basics of financing, both full-time and part-time, including educational levels bachelor and master degree.